Warner Center 2035 Plan

The Warner Center 2035 Plan (WC 2035 Plan) represents a thoughtful approach to planned growth that balances the need for housing, jobs and services for the broader community. A particular emphasis is placed on building a sustainable community with enhanced mobility options reducing the need for everyday car use. Walkability, improved public transportation services and the creation of safe bike lanes are integral elements in establishing Warner Center as a Transit Oriented Community.

The WC 2035 Plan area is generally bounded by the Los Angeles River to the north, the Ventura Freeway to the south, De Soto Avenue to the east, and the west side of Topanga Canyon Boulevard to the west and comprises approximately 1,100 acres of area designated by the City of Los Angeles as Regional Center.

 The key elements of the Plan include:

  • A growth strategy that encourages and incentivizes infill development and redevelopment of existing properties.
  • Built in flexibility in the plan to allow developers to design projects that fit within the community and don’t require variances or other lengthy and unpredictable approvals.
  • Promotion of green building standards that foster smart and sustainable growth.
  • Drafted over an eight year collaborative process that involved a broad range of community involvement and ultimate support for the approved plan.