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Warner Center 2035 Plan

The Los Angeles City Council Adopts the Warner Center 2035 Plan

Yesterday afternoon the full Los Angeles City Council adopted the Warner Center 2035 Plan unanimously!

The WC2035 Plan is a Specific Plan for the Warner Center that supports the growth of this employment hub as a mixed-use, sustainable, transit- and pedestrian-oriented development.

A big thank you to those of our members on hand to see the Plan that we have worked on for eight years become law. The new Plan will be effective in 41 days.

Councilmember Blumenfield appreciated the work the community and the Citizen’s Advisory Committee put into this Plan, up to the very last moment, and was glad to take this Plan over the finish line. Please see Councilmember Blumenfield’s blog post on the Plan adoption here: http://blumenfield.lacity.org/pressrelease_102313

In advance of the Council hearing, the Daily News also printed a very nice article about the Plan, which may be viewed here: http://www.dailynews.com/government-and-politics/20131022/new-development-plan-for-warner-center-focuses-on-getting-people-out-of-cars

Please also see a brief report regarding the adoption here: http://www.labusinessjournal.com/news/2013/oct/23/l-city-council-oks-warner-center-plan/


Update on the Warner Center 2035 Plan: Approved by the Planning and Land Use Management Committee (PLUM) on 10/1/13

The Warner Center Association (WCA) is excited to announce that as of Tuesday, October 1, 2013, the Planning Land Use Management Committee (PLUM) of the Los Angeles City Council has approved the Warner Center 2035 Plan (WC 2035 Plan). This is a huge step forward for the WC 2035 Plan, a Specific Plan update engendering transit-oriented development within this Regional Center and employment hub. As the WC 2035 Plan approaches the end of its eight-year journey, and thanks to the action of PLUM, the Plan will be scheduled for hearing by the full City Council in the coming weeks with implementation beginning in October or November of 2013.

All of us at WCA and those who have volunteered their time so generously with the Warner Center Community Advisory Committee (CAC) would like to thank everyone involved in the WC 2035 plan development process for their support, cooperation, and contributions. This achievement could not have been gained without the hard work and dedication of many and a uniquely successful partnership between the Warner Center Association, the Woodland Hills-Warner Center Neighborhood Council and the Los Angeles Departments of City Planning and Transportation.

The current draft of the WC 2035 Plan can be accessed at: http://cityclerk.lacity.org/lacityclerkconnect/index.cfm?fa=ccfi.viewrecord&cfnumber=13-0197

Update of the Warner Center 2035 Plan Approved by the Los Angeles City Planning Commission on 11/29/12

The Warner Center 2035 Plan Receives Unanimous Approval from the Los Angeles City Planning Commission

The Warner Center Association (WCA) is very pleased to announce that the Warner Center 2035 Specific Plan (WC 2035 Plan) update, the product of an extensive six-year public participation effort, was approved by the Los Angeles City Planning Commission on 11/29/12.

WCA, through its participation as members of The Warner Center Specific Plan (WCSP) Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC), has been actively engaged throughout the process of creating a vision for Warner Center and worked diligently with city staff in crafting this new Specific Plan, which is intended to implement that vision.

Looking towards the future of our city, the WC 2035 Plan identifies and establishes a path forward for this Regional Center to encourage Transit Oriented Development, leveraging the investments that the City and County have made in the Orange Line and other area transit improvements and supporting the co-location of residential development next to Los Angeles’ westernmost major employment center.

Further, the Urban Design Guidelines and emphasis on Mobility and Cultural Arts development hastens the transformation of Warner Center into a multi-dimensional community, naturally inviting people to live and play in close proximity to their work, easing the stress on our transportation system and encouraging a more sustainable mode of living.

The Staff Report and proposed Warner Center 2035 Plan presented to the City Planning Commission can be accessed here.