Latest News Articles for January 2014

From Huffington Post via StreetsBlog LA:

This Is What Los Angeles Could Look Like In 2033

“LA is moving toward a greener future, friendlier to pedestrians, metro users and bicyclists. There are various development projects planned, particularly in downtown and Hollywood, which are becoming more dense and vertically-built. These projects preserve historic architecture while adding apartments, parks, retail and entertainment.”

From Atlantic Cities:

How to Make Cities Happier Places

“The researchers believe that their findings have direct implications for urban planners and investment in green space. “It suggests that new parks and urban corridors might have long-term benefits for communities,” says Alcock.”

From DC StreetsBlog via LA StreetsBlog:

Four Reasons Cities Can’t Afford Not to Invest in Bike Infrastructure

“Bike infrastructure — not the watered-down stuff, but high-quality bikeways that get more people on bikes — is becoming a must-have for cities around the U.S.”

From the San Jose Mercury News via Planetizen:

Brown declares California drought emergency

“SAN FRANCISCO — Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday declared a drought emergency in California as the state struggles with the least amount of rainfall in its 153-year history, reservoir levels fall and firefighters remain on high alert.”

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