10.21.13- 10.24.13

From LA Business Journal:

L.A. City Council OKs Warner Center Plan

“The Los Angeles City Council gave final approval on Wednesday for the Warner Center 2035 Specific Plan.”


From LA Daily News:

New development plan for Warner Center focuses on getting people out of cars

“Warner Center, the office and shopping anchor of the west San Fernando Valley, would see a seismic shift in its future development under a long-range plan going before the Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday.”


From LA StreetsBlog:

The Manhattanization of Warner Center

“Denser development, better transit connections. Sounds a lot like Manhattan to me.
But that’s the appeal of Warner Center 2035. Despite doubling the allowed residential units, the plan seeks to reduce the amount of car trips in the area. Workers who commute to Warner Center are more likely to take advantage of transit options when it is easy and comfortable to move inside the Center once arriving.”


From the LA Times:

Mayor Garcetti suggests czar for earthquake preparedness

“Mayor Eric Garcetti said Thursday he was considering a new “chief resilience officer” to oversee preparations for a major earthquake and ensure Los Angeles can minimize the disaster’s damage.”


From Curbed LA via LA StreetsBlog:

LA Developers Scoff at Trading Car Parking for Bike Spots

“Specifically, new rules that went into effect in March force developers to adhere to bike parking minimums that allow them to build less (more expensive) car parking.”


From PR Newswire via LA StreetsBlog:

LISC pledges $100 million to transit-oriented development partnership with the City of Los Angeles

“LISC’s Los Angeles program has committed an initial $100 million in development capital to new transit-oriented projects around the city. LISC will also be conducting community-specific market assessments over the next 18 months, working closely with local nonprofits and developers to draw up blueprints for neighborhood investment in communities where transit expansion is either planned or underway.”


From DC StreetsBlog via LA StreetsBlog:

Spend 30 Minutes Watching This Doc and You’ll Spend the Next 30 Walking

“Every Body Walk!, the new campaign spearheaded by Kaiser Permanente and a host of other organizations — including the Office of the Surgeon General — is on fire. Two weeks after hosting its first sold-out conference in Washington, DC, the campaign has put out this excellent documentary on the importance of integrating walking into our daily lives.”


From LA Times:

New L.A. website is opening the books on spending at City Hall

“Los Angeles’ new city controller moved Wednesday to open city finances to far deeper public scrutiny, unveiling a website that provides new details on how billions of dollars are collected and spent.”


From LADOT Bike Blog via LA StreetsBlog:

FY 2013 Bikeways Accomplishments

“We noted our major bike accomplishments in our FY 2013 annual report (data through April 28, 2013) but I wanted to take the opportunity to give our stakeholders the final tally.”


From LA Daily News:

Remaking the San Fernando Valley: Pedestrian-friendly, community-oriented projects underway

“Borrowing from the “centers concept” developed by former Planning Director Calvin Hamilton in the 1970s, the latest plans focus on creating town centers in each community — areas that will be pedestrian friendly and serve as a meeting place for residents.”


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