10.11.13- 10.17.13

From LA Daily News:

Garcetti seeks to beautify L.A.’s corridors

“The mayor announced the Great Streets Program, a plan to overhaul scruffy-looking and neglected thoroughfares across the city. Under the program, streets and sidewalks across Los Angeles would be both repaired and beautified.”


From LA StreetsBlog:

People St.: Garcett and LADOT Declare Streets Are for People, Offer Help Re-Purposing Wasted Asphalt

“The city also announced the launch of People St (as in People Street), a program that will allow residents, business owners and non-profits to ask for and plan projects that convert portions of the street to bike corrals, parklets or plazas.”


From LA Daily News:

Value of taxable properties in L.A. County rises 4.7 percent in 2013

“Fueled by the recovering housing market, the assessed value of all taxable properties in Los Angeles County rose 4.7  percent, according to the latest annual report from the Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor.”


From DC StreetsBlog via Metro Library and Archive:

Jeff Speck: America Has So Many Problems. Walkability Solves Most of Them.

“In just under 17 minutes, Speck has articulated the economic, epidemiological, and environmental arguments to end automobile dependency and start using our feet again.”


From LA Times via Planetizen:

Garcetti says he’ll stop merger of Los Angeles building agencies

“Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Tuesday that he plans to halt the merger of two major agencies that the city was looking to consolidate in an effort to streamline approval of real estate projects.

At a meeting with The Times editorial board, Garcetti said the city Planning Department’s expected merger with the Building and Safety Department would not go forward in January.”


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