8.12.13- 8.15.13

From LA StreetsBlog:

Livability Advocates Dominate #RoadBond Hearing, Press Ignores

“On Wednesday, the City Council Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee ordered city staff to study funding options for a bond proposal to fix city streets.”


From LA StreetsBlog:

Gov. Brown Could Sign Bill to Help Finance Sustainable Development in CA

“Governor Jerry Brown is poised to sign a bill that would enable cities and counties in California to finance regional smart growth plans and sustainable transportation improvements through the creation of Sustainable Communities Investment Authorities.”

The bill described in the article is SB1, aka the Sustainable Communities Investment Authority. This bill would  allow the formation of a Sustainable Communities Investment Authority to carry out the Community Redevelopment Law. Although current laws have dissolved redevelopment and community development agencies, existing laws have also allowed for new programs, development initiatives, and successor agencies (such as the proposed Authority) to address the Community Redevelopment Law’s initial goal  of addressing the effect of blight.

To read more about SB1, please follow this link: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billCompareClient.xhtml 


From ParkScore via Planetizen:

ParkScore’s Rating for the City of Los Angeles

“ParkScore is the most comprehensive rating system ever developed to measure how well the 50 largest U.S. cities are meeting the need for parks.”


From The Washington Post via Planetizen:

What’s Behind the Decline in Young Drivers?

“The results of a recent survey indicate the primary reasons for the steady decline in the number of young Americans getting drivers’ licenses. Hint: the top reason isn’t that it costs too much to own a car.”


From StreetsBlog:

Meet Streetmix, the Website Where You Can Design Your Own Street

“But Streetmix is more than just a fun way for amateur street designers to spend an afternoon. ‘What we want to focus on is, how can this enable meaningful conversations around streets?’ Wichary said. ‘For many people it’s a kind of entry point.’”


From LA Daily News:

Southern California home sales, prices make big gains

“Los Angeles County notched the region’s biggest price increase.”


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