From Grist via Metro Library and Archive:

L.A. on a green streak: New mayor pledges allegiance to smart growth, bikes

“Some have criticized Garcetti for being too friendly to business interests, but he sees working with developers as a necessary component of the smart-growth strategy he’s pursued to revitalize once-blighted areas of Hollywood, Echo Park, and Silver Lake, his home turf.”

L.A. on a green streak: New mayor pledges allegiance to smart growth, bikes

From DC StreetsBlog via Metro Library and Archive:

Capital Bikeshare Members Reduced Their Driving 4.4 Million Miles Per Year

“According to a November 2012 survey of Capital Bikeshare members, released today, the average subscriber drove 198 miles less per year after joining the system. Multiply that by 22,200 members and that’s 3.7 million pounds of CO2 that won’t get belched into the atmosphere. Nice work, CaBistas!”


From StreetsBlog Network via StreetsBlog LA:

Report Finds Emerging Cycling Population That Looks Like America

“A promising new report says cycling is booming across the United States, with the biggest gains coming from young people, women, and people of color getting on bikes.”


From LA Business Journal:

L.A. To Create Consolidated Planning Department

“The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday unanimously approved creation of a new Department of City Planning & Development.”


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