The History of Warner Center

The Warner Center area was once owned by movie mogul Harry Warner and for many years served as his retreat and vast horse ranch. In the 1950’s and 60’s Warner began selling off much of what was known as “Warner Ranch”. The first major purchase was made by Rockwell International for its Rocketdyne facility. Soon thereafter, Kaiser-Aetna purchased a significant portion of what is known today as Warner Center. In the mid 1960’s Kaiser-Aetna contracted with Albert C. Martin to create a master plan for the community. This plan served as the basis for the first Warner Center Specific Plan which was adopted in 1971 by the City of Los Angeles.

During that same period, the City of Los Angeles was creating a citywide general plan commonly known as the “Centers Concept”. In that plan, Warner Center was identified as a Regional Center. Conceptually, the designation called for more intense development within Warner Center while promoting direct transportation access. Since that time, Warner Center has developed into one of the premier mixed use centers in the region.

With nearly 25.2 million square feet of development existing today, Warner Center has achieved status as an important regional center. Efforts by the primary property owners, employers and the Warner Center Association over the past thirty years have allowed the area to maintain its highly desirable nature as a location to live, work and play.

Warner Center is the epitome of mixed-use development, proving that differing uses can coexist in a positive and complimentary manner. With its mix of high and low-rise office buildings, hotels, restaurants, regional shopping centers and movie theaters as well as its multiple-residential development, business parks, corporate headquarters and light and heavy industrial base, Warner Center employs more than 50,000 people from throughout the greater metropolitan area and is home to roughly 20,000 residents. Warner Center is also home to many of the regions largest employers and corporations. In 2000 property valuation in Warner Center was estimated at over $2 billion.

Although urban in use, the feel in Warner Center is more suburban. With significantly landscaped and bermed setbacks initially established by the landowners and perpetuated in the Warner Center Specific Plan, a park-like atmosphere abounds in much of the center. Warner Center has also developed into one of the region’s great entertainment centers with 16 movie screens, numerous first rate restaurants and the summer Sunday evening “Concerts in the Park” series. Weekdays, shuttles carry employees and residents throughout the center while childcare exists within walking distance for many parents. Warner Center also boasts some of the country’s most effective business driven, solid waste recycling programs and Transportation Management Organizations. All of these amenities have been generated not by mandate, but by; “Businesses working together to enhance the Warner Center Community”.

The Warner Center Association creates and enhances opportunities and fosters programs for the benefit of Warner Center's business and property owners, and all stakeholders. WCA advocates for pro-business public policies, particularly those affecting land use and business incentives in the Warner Center community.