5.10.13- 5.16.13

From LA Daily News:

Woodland Hills Office Park Sold

“The 26-acre Warner Center Corporate Park in Woodland Hills and another nearby office property have been acquired by Adler Realty Investments Inc. and LLJ Ventures for $80 million, the Los Angeles Times reports.”


From Atlantic Cities:

Celebrating L.A.’s Hidden Walkability

“LA’s Sprawl an Excuse for Pedestrian Exploration? A Look at the Big Parade”


From The Urbanist via Metro Library and Archive:

Is Los Angeles the best US city for commuting?

“Los Angeles routinely ranks as one of the most congested cities in the US. Yet a new study says it offers greater accessibility to employment than any other metropolitan area in the country”

Is Los Angeles the best US city for commuting?

From the Earth Policy Institute via Metro Library and Archive:

Plan B Updates: Dozens of U.S. Cities Board the Bike-Sharing Bandwagon

“Bike Nation is also bringing up to 4,000 bikes to Los Angeles and neighboring communities this year.”


From KCET via LA StreetsBlog:

Going Car Free In L.A.

“But as LA’s car- and ride-sharing community blossoms, more and more people are giving up their beloved wheels.”


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