4.26.13- 5.2.13

From Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design, via Planetizen:

Community Wisdom + Expert Knowledge = Good Community Design

“This phrase points to a common challenge I see when working in rural communities—balancing the value of community input with expert knowledge in community design.”


From The Next Web via Metro Library and Archive:

Why Los Angeles Could Become the Next Technology Epicenter

“But thanks to a gradual cultural shift and several municipal initiatives, Los Angeles has gained the moniker “Silicon Beach,” and is finally becoming a tech destination in its own right.”

Why Los Angeles could become the next technology epicenter

From Environmental News Service via Metro Library and Archive:

Global Bike-Sharing Fleet Tops 500,000 Bicycles

“WASHINGTON, DC, April 25, 2013 (ENS) – More than 500 cities in 49 countries host advanced bike-sharing programs, with a combined fleet exceeding 500,000 bicycles, finds new research from the nonprofit Earth Policy Institute, released today.”

Global Bike-Sharing Fleet Tops 500,000 Bicycles

From Atlantic Cities:

16 Rules for ‘Smarter’ Smart Growth

“It’s time to update the so-called 1990’s-era “ten principles” that emphasize compact development, transportation choices, and so on.”


From Fast Company Co-exist via Metro Library and Archive:

The 10 Best New Complete Streets Policies In The U.S.

“Cities across the country are making plans to cater to bikers and pedestrians (along with cars) as they design and manage their transportation infrastructure. These 10 cities are the ones doing it best.”


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