4.5.13- 4.18.13

From Los Angeles Downtown News via Planetizen:

Officials Seek Merger of Planning, Building and Safety

“DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES – City officials are crafting a plan to merge the departments of Planning and Building and Safety into a single unit that would handle all aspects of the entitlement and permitting process.”


From KQED via Metro Blog and Archive:

What Drives Us? Car Sharing Reflects Cultural Shift

“As car sharing continues to gain traction among American drivers, Car2Go is one company benefiting from the changing way we use cars.”


From StreetsBlog LA:

LADOT Lays the Groundwork for Functional Car Share with Hertz. Goodbye ZipCar?

“Wednesday afternoon, the City Council Transportation Committee will hear a report from the LADOT that will pave the way for an expansion of the city’s publicly available car share fleet.”

LADOT Lays the Groundwork for Functional Car Share with Hertz. Goodbye ZipCar?

From LA Daily News:

New Economic Development Department created by L.A. City Council

“The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday approved the creation of a new city department to oversee economic development to replace the now defunct Community Redevelopment Agency.”


From Los Angeles Downtown News:

Bike Share Program to Roll in Downtown

“The City Council last week approved a new permitting process that officials say will pave the way for a robust bike share program in Downtown, Westwood, Venice and Hollywood.”


From Science Daily via Metro Library and Archive:

Strong Urban Cores Promote Socializing in the City

“Apr. 15, 2013 — Long commute times and urban areas that leapfrog over open space make it harder for people to socialize, but cities that are decentralized are even worse, University of Utah researchers say in a study published online today in the Journal of Transport Geography.”


From Daily News Los Angeles:

Warner Gateway Office Complex in Woodland Hills Sold

“The Warner Gateway office complex in Woodland Hills has been bought by Thrifty Oil company for $40 million in an all-cash deal, officials said Wednesday.”


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