3.1.13- 3.7.13

From The Architects’ Newspaper via Metro Library & Archive:

Blessing or Curse? Los Angeles’ Consideration of Binding Citywide Design Guidelines Spurs Debate

“A new proposal making its way through the Los Angeles City Council would elevate the level of urban design for many development projects requiring approval from the city.”


From LA City Clerk’s Office via StreetsBlog LA:

Official Los Angeles Election Results

Election results from the election on Tuesday, March 5.


From WNYC via Metro Library and Archive:

Average Communte Times

“Must-see map using data from the U.S. census”


From StreetsBlog LA:

What’s Next and What do the Results Mean?: City Council Edition

“Here’s a breakdown of where each race now stands and what it means for Livable Streets advocates.”

What’s Next and What do the Results Mean?:City Council Edition

From Curbed LA via Metro Library and Archive:

LA Doing Better than Average on Carpooling, Public Transit

“The county actually did better than the national average on solo drivers and on public transportation and bike commuting.”


From BlogDowntown via Metro Library and Archive:

City Council Commits to 30 Years of Funding DTLA Streetcar

“The L.A. City Council approved a plan this week that commits funding to the proposed Downtown streetcar for the next 30 years.”


From LADOT Bike Blog via Metro Library and Archive

123 Miles of Bikeways Installed Since the Adoption of the 2010 Bike Plan

“123 miles is about the distance from Los Angeles City Hall to downtown San Diego. Mayor Villaraigosa announced February 21st that it is also the number of bikeways installed by LADOT since the beginning of Bicycle Plan implementation in March 2011.”

123 Miles of Bikeways Installed Since the Adoption of the 2010 Bike Plan

From LA Daily News:

Storm Drain Fee May be Scrapped, LA County Supervisors to Decide Tuesday

“A stormwater-cleanup fee proposed by the county may be sidelined indefinitely, according to a recommendation made by two L.A. County supervisors. The measure comes before the five-member Board of Supervisors Tuesday.”


From Whittier Daily News:

Stormwater Cleanup Fee put on Slow Track; Could Reach Voters in 2014

“LOS ANGELES – Supervisors placed the county’s stormwater cleanup fee on the slow track Tuesday, opting not to proceed with the parcel fee as written but allowing for the possibility it could re-appear on a general election ballot in June or November of 2014.”


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