From Planetizen:

The Frankenstein Vehicle That Could Transform Transportation

Jan 22, 2013 — Fast Company Co.Exist

Part bike, part car, part solar power, part human power – the Elf is a pedal-powered mini-car that just finished a “massively successful” Kickstarter drive and could be coming to a street near you very soon.

Full Story: http://www.fastcoexist.com/1681198/is-this-solar-powered-half-electric-bicycle-with-a-roof-the-future-of-transportation?utm_source=twitter#1

From Planetizen:

The Best of the Vest: The World’s Greatest Pocket Parks

Jan 21, 2013 — MSN

Paris, Barcelona, New York City…Cleveland? Like the oft-hidden urban oasis that are the subject of this article, you may come across some surprises in Crai S. Bower’s list of the best cities for pocket parks.

Full Story: http://local.msn.com/travel/best-cities-for-pocket-parks

From Planetizen:

Big Winner of Tiny Apartment Competition Unveiled

Jan 22, 2013 — The New York Observer

Today, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the winner of a competition to build a micro-apartment pilot project in Manhattan. Consisting of 55 micro-units measuring between 250 and 375 square feet, the project will utilize modular construction.

Full Story: http://observer.com/2013/01/would-you-live-in-one-of-mayor-bloombergs-300-square-foot-micro-apartments/

From The Atlantic Cities:


Could These Crazy Intersections Make Us Safer?

Dispatches from the imagination of transportation engineers. “…[I]t becomes clear what we need in the holy grail of intersection design: a scheme that would eliminate left-hand turns while still enabling drivers to move in all four directions.

Full Story: http://www.theatlanticcities.com/commute/2013/01/could-these-crazy-intersections-make-us-safer/4467/

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