From Atlantic Cities:

The Case for Walkability as an Economic Development Tool

An award-winning street redesign project in the Los Angeles exurb of Lancaster provides a case study in the value of retrofitting for walkability.


From Atlantic Cities:

6 Ideas for L.A.’s Next Great Transit Project

Rapid-bus routes, an elevated highway, and a combined transit-road tunnel are among the finalists for the Sepulveda Pass Transitway.


From the California Planning & Development Report:

L.A. may use post-redevelopment money for post-redevelopment efforts

A new consultant report has proposed that Los Angeles consolidate economic development efforts and use the money now flowing to the city as the result of redevelopment’s demise to fund the efforts. That’s right: The Los Angeles general fund now gets $20 million because redevelopment is dead. What should it be used for?

Full Story: http://www.cp-dr.com/node/3309

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