A roundup of some recent planning articles:

Atlantic Cities:

Cyclists and Pedestrians Can End Up Spending More Each Month Than Drivers

Researchers, in a study for the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium, quantify that although drivers still make up a plurality of customers to local neighborhood serving businesses (markets, food service, and retail), bikers actually out-consumed drivers over the course of a month.



DTLA streetcar secures local funding; next stop, Washington

By Haley Fox

The proposed Downtown streetcar has jumped its first major hurdle by winning the support of Downtown residents in a mail-in vote for a tax to raise money for the project.



Surgeon General Announces Call to Action on Walking

by Tanya Snyder

Walking can seem like a rather mundane thing to get organized about, until you realize that it’s a direct challenge to car-oriented transportation and it’s the best thing people can do for their health. Then walking is downright revolutionary.


USA Today:

American cities to Millennials: Don’t leave

According to Haya El Nasser, cities across America have succeeded in attracting young professionals for over a decade. “They came, they played, they stayed,” she writes. But, she asks, will these Millennials stick around as they age and have kids?


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