May – June News Articles

From Los Angeles Daily News:

Wanted: Companies to install free wireless Internet service throughout L.A.

“Wireless Internet service would be free across Los Angeles under an ambitious plan unveiled Wednesday by Los Angeles City Hall leaders.”

Also see the official press release from Council District 3:

Seleta Reynolds, General Manager of LADOT, weighs in on community engagement and Public/Private Partnerships in an Op/Ed article for

Guest Opinion: For U.S. cities, a way out of transportation troubles

“If cities across the U.S. are going to rise to the transportation challenges we face, then ‘partnership’ is a word that must become second nature to all of us — from transportation professionals to the people we serve.”

From via Metro Transportation Library:

LA Ranked #1 in US City Open Data Census

“’Los Angeles is leading the way in defining what it means to be a world-class digital city, especially in the realm of open data.’”

From SF Gate via Metro Transportation Library:

California’s economy is world’s second greenest

“The Golden State has the world’s second least carbon-intensive economy, according to a new study from public policy group Next 10.”

From StreetsBlog LA:

Metro To Vote On Bike-Share Contract With Vendor Bicycle Transit Systems

“At its June 25 monthly meeting, the Metro Board will be voting on the contract for the initial phase of what is now optimistically called ‘Metro Countywide Bikeshare.’”

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