Warner Center’s Growing Transit Options Highlighted in The San Fernando Valley Business Journal

In its latest issue, The San Fernando Valley Business Journal reports on Warner Center’s newest transit expansion: a shuttle, funded and operated by the Westfield Corporation. Transporting people daily from the Warner Center Transit Hub, the shuttle stops at the Marriott, Westfield’s Promenade and Topanga malls, and the Village at Topanga, which opens later this year.

Anticipating 152,000 additional car trips to and from Warner Center over the next 20 years, the WC 2035 Plan calls for an area circulator to address congestion while activating public spaces; the new shuttle will serve as a circulator test case by gathering ridership data.

Fulfilling the Plan’s vision for a walkable employment center, the shuttle will be a boon for Warner Center employees, allowing quick access to off-site lunches and meetings.

Please click HERE to see the article.

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