News Articles From November – December 2014

From Urban One via StreetsBlog LA:

Chart: Population and Employment at Each LA Metro Station (Ranked)

“While performing some demographic research we came up with some estimates of population and employment within 1/2-mile of Metro rail and BRT (Orange Line) stations, and we thought it’d be fun to share with the community.”

From StreetsBlog USA:

Lawmakers Could Finally Equalize Benefits for Transit and Parking This Year

“Right now, people who drive to work can get up to $250 a month in tax-free earnings to pay for parking. The monthly tax-free income available to the 3 million Americans who use the transit benefit, meanwhile, is capped at $130.”

From StreetsBlog USA:

Study Links Walkable Neighborhoods to Prevention of Cognitive Decline

“Older adults who live in walkable neighborhoods stay in better shape, physically and mentally, than those who live in car-dependent areas, according to a new study.”

From The Atlantic CityLab:

Walkability Is Good for You

“A slew of new research links walkable neighborhoods with safer, healthier, more democratic places.”

From LA Daily News:

Great Streets, Plan to Remake L.A. Roads, Enters Second Phase

“Mayor Eric Garcetti’s plans to remake L.A.’s streets from Northridge to San Pedro into pedestrian-bicycle friendly meccas is moving into its second stage.”

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