Clean Coalition Event: Clean LA Solar Workshop Overview

The San Fernando Valley Clean LA Solar Workshop & Networking Event on May 30th, hosted by the Clean Coalition, was a very useful event for anyone involved in developing solar power. LADWP representatives explained what the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) program consisted of and how it worked. Basically, the FiT Program allows the LADWP to enter into contracts with solar power developers (customers, solar power companies, and other third parties) to buy the solar power energy their properties generate at a set price. This power then contributes to LA City’s power grid.

Within the Fit Program, LADWP explained the differences between the Set Pricing Program and the Bundled Program. The Bundled program requires solar developers to submit proposals (RFPs) to produce solar power from a LADWP Beacon property and from a local private property within the City of LA. The Set Pricing program accepts individual projects on a first-come, first-serve basis and must be located within the LADWP service territory. Additionally, the programs differ in MW allocated, pricing, and other ways.

To learn more, check out LADWP’s website here. You can also email the LADWP FiT program at or call (213) 367-2100

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