11.11.15 News Articles

From bizjournals.com:

California lost 9,000 business HQs and expansions, mostly to Texas, 7-year study says


“Roughly 9,000 California companies moved their headquarters or diverted projects to out-of-state locations in the last seven years, and Dallas-Fort Worth has been a prime beneficiary of the Golden State’s “hostile” business environment.”

From Streetsblog LA:

Parking Reforms Advanced By L.A. City Council Transportation Committee


“As expected, a suite of far-ranging parking reforms was heard by the Los Angeles City Council’s Transportation Committee yesterday. The committee was broadly receptive to the reforms, directing the city’s Transportation Department (LADOT) and other departments to further investigate a number of key reforms. What was perhaps most revealing was individual city councilmember attention to specific parking issues.”

From The Bookings Institute:

Four paths to abundant Internet bandwidth


“Five years ago, 1,100 communities demonstrated their desire for next generation, gigabit-speed broadband… For several years, incumbent Internet service providers dismissed the concept… Yet in the past 12 months, every major incumbent, covering over 80 percent of the population, has announced plans to deliver mass-market gigabit. So can cities stop worrying about whether they’ll have the affordable, abundant bandwidth needed to thrive in the future?  No.”

From The Daily News:

At 10 years old, Valley’s Orange Line busway needs more juice, officials say


“Now with passengers on the bus rapid transit line squeezed elbow to elbow on their daily commutes to school and work, officials trumpeted the Orange Line decade but said it needs to carry more, and the Valley deserves better public transit.”

From Curbed LA:

LA Passing Up Tens of Millions For Infrastructure and Affordable Housing


“Los Angeles has got a lot of expensive infrastructure issues that need attention and money, like the dangerous sidewalks and lumpy roads and aging water pipes. But a new audit from the LA City Controller’s office shows that the city is “failing to exercise its power” to charge developer impact fees that could be helping pay to fix things, says a release from the controller’s office.”

From The Atlantic CityLab:

The Next Stop Toward a Better Transit App


“Most transit apps are pretty straightforward: punch in your desired location and they’ll give you some route options, the next times buses or trains are coming, and maybe a couple of tidbits on service interruptions. But savvy riders want more than directions to navigate transit services. Which neighborhoods have the most regular service? Where are the wheelchair-accessible stops? How strong is bus service relative to metro?”

From Curbed LA:

Los Angeles Getting New Wireless-Enabled Streetlight Poles


“Today, Mayor Eric Garcetti unveiled the newest breakthrough in LA streetlight technology, the SmartPole… The new Phillips SmartPole comes with all the bells and whistles, including energy efficient LED lighting and 4G LTE wireless technology. Using Ericsson’s small cell technology… the streetlights will bring increased wireless broadband coverage to dense areas of the city.”