October, 2015 News Articles

From the Daily News:

Valley leaders call for higher return on public transit dollars


“This is a golden opportunity for transportation in the San Fernando Valley,” said Los Angeles Councilman Paul Krekorian, who represents a traffic-clogged district from North Hollywood to Van Nuys. “The Valley must be part of a systemized (transit) plan. We must now speak as a single voice: The Valley must not be left out. So it will be imperative for everyone in this room to fight tooth and nail … to make every penny that this Valley deserves goes into the ballot measure.”

From the Daily News:

What the San Fernando Valley would get, and not get, in new transportation tax


“When voters across Los Angeles County approved a half-cent sales tax seven years ago to ease traffic gridlock, the San Fernando Valley lost out to a lion’s share of new rail stops. Score: Greater Los Angeles south and east of the Santa Monica Mountains, 78. The San Fernando Valley, 2. That’s why Valley elected and business leaders are calling for a greater share of transportation fixes from a proposed extension of the Measure R tax and a fairer stake in a tandem transit tax proposal known as Measure R2.”

From MyNewsLA.com:

Urban nature: Valley gets 12 miles of new trails along L.A. River


“Bicycle and walking trails are planned for a 12-mile San Fernando Valley stretch of the Los Angeles River, with $6 million announced Thursday to design the project. City and county officials split the design cost for the Los Angeles River Valley Greenway project, with four Valley area council members contributing much of the $3 million in funding the city is dedicating to the effort.”

From 89.3 KPCC:

Los Angeles outlines 3 possible approaches to legal street vending program


“A new city report that looks at possibilities for legalized street vending in Los Angeles outlines three different scenarios. The choices: a citywide street vending program, specific street vending districts, or a combination of the two that lets different communities decide how they want to manage street vending. One other choice? To maintain the status quo, which prohibits sidewalk vending in L.A.”

From the Daily News:

At 10, Valley’s Orange Line is a child star that hasn’t aged well: Guest commentary


“Thursday marks the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Orange Line busway, which connected Metro’s North Hollywood station to Warner Center, mostly along its own right of way. I remember the date well, since I turned 45 that day. In the ensuing decade, the Orange Line has acted like a precocious child star who hasn’t aged well. I, on the other hand, am just 10 years older.”

From the Atlantic CityLab:

How Panasonic Turned Car Commuters Into Transit Riders


“Ken Jeanos has been working at Panasonic’s North American headquarters in New Jersey for about 25 years, and up until two years ago he drove into work almost every day. That all changed when the company moved to downtown Newark in mid-2013. Now Jeanos takes New Jersey Transit into Newark Penn Station. He bought an iPad for the trip and reads the Wall Street Journal or catches up on emails. “It really sets up a much easier transition into the work day,” says Jeanos, who’s now CIO of the North America hub. “Personally, I really didn’t think I would be a huge fan of it, because of the independence of having the car. And it’s really been wonderful.”