9.15.15 News Articles

From the Daily News:

Village at Westfield Topanga: An economic driver and downtown for the Valley


“After Friday’s opening of the $350 million Village at Westfield Topanga, the Valley will now have what its promoters say has long been missing: a downtown. It is the first new major project in what is a seismic shift in the future development of Warner Center, the business and retail anchor of the west San Fernando Valley. “It’s going to be a major economic engine for the region and the city. It’s not just drawing people from the city, it’s going to draw people from all over. More people are going to be circulating through here than Disneyland,” said Los Angeles City Councilman Bob Blumenfield, who represents the area.”

From the Atlantic CityLab:

Jersey City’s Innovative New Affordable Housing Plan Might Actually Work


“Simply put, Jersey City would offer the smallest tax incentives for market-rate development in already-coveted neighborhoods—along with strong requirements for affordable housing. In less sought-after neighborhoods, meanwhile, it would offer the strong incentives for all development.”

From the Atlantic CityLab:

Late to the Bike-Share Party, L.A. Could End Up a Leader


“…LA might be able to make up for being late to the party by being the first U.S. city to truly incorporate bike-share into its existing public transportation system. BTS/B-cycle, the vendor that will be operating L.A.’s bike-share, is reportedly working with the city’s transit authority, Metro, to create some kind of a unified fare structure.”

From the Daily News:

Trolley system coming to Westfield’s Village


“The $350 million lifestyle destination, which opens Sept. 18, is getting its own mass transit system that will serve the Warner Center area, at least in a small way. Westfield Corp. is putting the finishing touches on two bright red trolleys that will soon be motoring about the local streets. “We couldn’t be more excited to be offering this. These are really cool,” said Brendan Kotler, assistant general manager in charge of Westfield’s Topanga, Village and Promenade properties.”

From the Public CEO:

Could L.A. Become a River City?


“All the progress in revitalizing the Los Angeles River has presented the city with a special opportunity: to develop the communities along the river, as it makes its way from Canoga Park in the San Fernando Valley all the way to the San Pedro Bay. The potential to attract investment, housing, businesses, and better transportation to communities along the river is enormous. But so are the potential obstacles—if we don’t make changes to governance and come up with new tools for development.”

From Smithsonian.com:

Moving to An Area With More Green Space Can Improve Your Mental Health for Years


“There’s plenty of evidence for the idea that humans thrive when we have frequent exposure to nature—even when it’s just a patch of greenery in the midst of a city’s concrete jungle.”

From The Atlantic CityLab:

Prototyping the Age-Ready City


“The generations entering middle and old age today will also have to rethink what it means to be old. Fewer will be able to rely on family caregivers, but many also have higher expectations about being able to remain active in their communities.”

From Streetsblog USA:

Surgeon General’s Warning: Unwalkable Places Are Hazardous to Your Health


“Physical activity is essential to people’s health, but dangerous streets and spread-out, sprawling communities prevent Americans from getting enough of it, says the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy.”