August – September 2015 News Articles

From the Los Angeles Times:

Why a car-centric transportation plan is folly for L.A.

“Access — to shopping or work — can be improved by increasing the speed with which we travel between destinations or by decreasing the distance separating them. But we have to choose. Mobility and proximity are in combat with one another. The more mobility we create, the more distant destinations grow — because free-flowing traffic encourages sprawl. The closer destinations are to one another, the slower transportation gets — because density leads to congestion.”

From the Los Angeles Times:

USOC names Los Angeles the official U.S. bidder for the 2024 Summer Olympics

“Los Angeles has been chosen as the U.S. candidate to bid for the 2024 Summer Games, capping a tumultuous month in which the city went from Olympic also-ran to serious contender.”

From the Daily News:

Billboard campaign touts new Village at Westfield Topanga

“When Matti Leshem scored the gig to create the billboard and ad campaign for The Village at Westfield Topanga he settled on a reality theme, sort of his personal love story about the city and the San Fernando Valley.”

From The San Jose Mercury News:

Senate panel votes to raise California gas tax 12 cents a gallon

“Members of a Senate committee tackling a huge backlog of roadway maintenance endorsed legislation that would generate $4 billion annually for repairs by increasing the gas tax 12 cents a gallon and boosting annual vehicle registration fees $35 for most cars. Fees for all-electric vehicles would go up $100.”

From LA Streetsblog:

Garcetti Signs Vision Zero Directive to End L.A. Traffic Deaths by 2025

“Prior to today, Vision Zero was largely confined to LADOT and City Planning (DCP). With this new directive, Garcetti broadens the city agencies responsible for implementing Vision Zero. In addition to LADOT and DCP, Garcetti explicitly names the Police, Fire, Public Works, and Water & Power departments to participate in an internal city of L.A. Vision Zero Steering Committee.”